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_IGP7981_IGP7982_IGP7991_IGP7995 - The juvenile llama is on the far right, playing up as children do :)_IGP8004_IGP8006_IGP8033 - Skeleton found at Cochasqui_IGP8034 - Really, really old corn... from the graves at the pre-inca site._IGP8037 - horn used for communication_IGP8038 - Leaving Cochasqui_IGP7742 - Wild Cows of Cotapaxi_IGP7746 - Wild Cattle of Cotapaxi_IGP7758 - Wild Horses of Cotapaxi_IGP7773 - Wild Horses of Cotapaxi_IGP7774 - Wild Horses of Cotapaxi_IGP7598 Llama_IGP7785 - Ecuadorian Goat_IGP7907 - Ecuadorian Puppy_IGP7899 - Cockerel in Peguche_IGP7885 - Piglets in San Pablo